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Sign of the times.....

As the social and political climate deteriorates, generations of all ages have been moved to protest the racial injustices plaguing the United States of America. It's funny that this country is called "United" when we are so clearly divided. We are divided by race and class. What I look like and how much money I have does not determine who I am yet society says it does.

I don't wanna babble on about the constant injustices because at the end of the day my lil rant doesn't many anything in a society that says I have no value because I am a woman, I am African-American, and I am considered middle class. In this country you gotta follow the money in order to be in the know and have money to be considered somebody.

The inhumane treatment and murder of Mr. George Floyd has sparked universal outrage. It has renewed people's will to fight in the midst of a global pandemic! It has sparked creators to create. Faith in God is the only thing that has made it possible for me to go on. I am a big supporter of Black owned businesses so with being said, my OOTD was inspired by the movement for change. The details are as follows:

Jacket by: Shamaica Chanel and sold on (currently sold out)

Pants: Walmart

Boots: gift from my big sister

Purse: gift

Hair: Headband wig sold by

Please continue to love your fellow man good people!

Stay fly,


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