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My daughter the photographer

My daughter has a natural gift for photography. Today's blog is dedicated to her photography. The first set of pics is from summer 2019 which she titled: 70s Album Cover. She knows I love Chaka Khan so she had me channel my inner Chaka! 不不不不

This next set of photos she took was at the beginning of the pandemic. My oldest daughter was struggling with not being able to see friends or be able to play basketball. I suggested we take pictures. My youngest (the photographer) said she wasn't in the mood to be in pictures so she took our pictures.

I have so many great photos she has taken. Yesterday's shoot turned out amazing! She has gotten so much better over the years. And to think she's still in high school!

Thank you for taking the time to share in my M.O.M.S. moments. So proud of my lil baby! Keep Going Baby!!!!

Stay fly,


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1 Comment

Kiengsom Vorachit
Kiengsom Vorachit
Mar 29, 2021

Love love love!

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