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How to dress for success even when you feel down and depressed....

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

My Nannies ( Emma Jean and Margurite) both were very influential in how I viewed myself and how I took care of myself mentally and physically. Something personal about me that I use to be ashamed to share is that I suffer from depression and severe anxiety. Well I decided some time ago to not hide it and share what I go through because somebody may need to know they are not alone.

My Nanny Emma Jean always said " if you don't look good you won't feel good". When I am feeling down I definitely go overboard with how I look. I force that smile in the mirror. Who the hell could look at themselves in the mirror looking fabulous and frown. Which brings me to my Nanny Margurite. She began her daily routine with doing her skin treatment, washing her face and putting on Oil of Olay. She would say to herself in the mirror " whose the fairest?". As a kid I didn't understand but as I got older I understood this to be her daily affirmation. I mean because who is fairer than you? It's not to down play anyone else, it's to uplift yourself. At the end of the day you are the Queen Bee or King in your palace.

So here is my process:

  1. I do my skin regimen. Same as Nanny Margurite.....nothing fancy.

  2. I do my hair. Most times it's in a frowhawk (my signature style).

  3. Then the hard part....deciding what to wear. This process takes the longest. I have a department store worth of clothes and they lack organization because my closet is tiny.

  4. Then I dress and talk to myself in the mirror. I dress from naked to completion in front of the mirror. I have learned to appreciate every dimple, crease, wrinkle, and stretch mark on my body. I suffer from body image issues just like the next person.

  5. Then I let the critics (my daughters) decide if the look I put together is hot or not.

I wrote this today because I needed to remind myself that it's OK to fall down but you gotta dust yourself off and stand back up. I am who I am. I have no desire to be anyone else or live anyone else's life. My dreams are my dreams and only I can achieve them and I will on my terms. I will not let negative people disrupt my high vibration. I will not let situations force me into the dark space. I AM!!!!!

Stay fly,


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