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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Master of my style is my neglected love child.... Let's start the year off right with a new blog post and a promise to be more consistent. I made this blog to journal the thing I love Whether its clothing, home decor, or d.i.y.s, I will be consistently posting. These past few years dealing with covid and the loss of a few loved ones has been difficult. It has been eye opening. Time is very expensive and I definitely don't like to waste money so i won't be wasting anymore time.

Kicking off 2022 with a banger! Had a fabulous NYE party at home with daughters! I got dressed up, cooked, and played hostess with the mostest 🤣.

My outfit was sexy, crazy, and cool. I absolutely love the softness of this cream sweater dress i purchased on Fashion Nova, it hits my thighs right where I needed to showcase the thigh high puffer boots purchased on Akira, which I paired with a matching puffer vest I found on Shein. But the piece I love the most is the handbag, its so XCLUSIVE, I made it and will never craft another like it. I absolutely adore it!

Handbag: made by me 😊

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