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Green with Envy

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Today's featured photo is my blog cover. This outfit knocked my socks off the moment I saw it. What I love about it is that it is affordable and it looks expensive 🤣.

When I create looks for myself I think of the three key elements of my style: hair, outfit/shoes, and accessories. I am a wig connoisseur baby! And as far as accessories go, I put on however many pieces I like. I stop when it feels good. Sometimes less is more and other times you need to turn that shit all the way up!

Hair: simple human hair bob wig picked up at my local beauty supply. No longer have the pkg, but if I find the details I will update this information.

The cuff: beauty supply store

The clutch: thrift store find

This look is so laid back. It can be worn pretty much anywhere and can be paired with so many things. Let me know as we get deeper into our relationship (author/subbie) if you want me to continue to add the details or if just posting the look and giving a description is better.

Stay fly,


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